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Willis Ranch Meats

1/8 Beef Deposit

1/8 Beef Deposit

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This is a deposit on 1/8 of steer. The total cost is $720 with a final payment approximately $520. This final payment is required when animal is harvested in November. The final payment is based on a steer that is approximately 1200-1300lbs when harvested and should have a hanging weight of 700 lbs. On average there is a 27% -32% difference between the hanging weight and processed weight which is approximately 440 lbs. An eighth beef is approximately 55 pounds of beef which is $13.09 per lb.

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1/8 side of Beef

1 Boneless Sirloin steaks - Individual wrapped

3-4 Porterhouse/T Bone steaks - Individual wrapped


4-5 New Yorks Strips/Tenderloin steaks - Individual wrapped

4-5 Rib Eye steaks  

2-8 Cube steaks - 4 per package 

Short ribs – 4-5 lbs per package – 1-2 packages

Soup Bones – 2 per package – 1-2 packages

Chili Meat - 2-3 Packages

Stew meat - 3-5 packages 

Chuck Boneless – 21/2 - 3 1/2 lbs – 1 packages

Ground Beef – 1 lb – Approx 20-30 packages   

Hamburger Patty - 5 - 4 per package  

NOTE: These are estimates. All animals and cuts can vary. Until the animal is harvested it is difficult to be exact on the cuts and weight. 

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Delicious and Nutritious Beef

Pasture Raised Happy Cows

No GMO or Additional Growth Hormones

No Additional Antibiotics

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