We are a family ranch offering premium grass-fed Angus beef that is humanely raised with NO growth hormones, antibiotics or preservatives.  We provide our cattle fertile nutritious pastures to graze.  Happy healthy cattle provides you with high quality delicious beef. 

Pasture to Plate!

Our cows are humanely cared for. Happy cows make healthy & delicious beef for you and your family to enjoy.

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Healthy Beef For You Family

Our beef is raised on our ranch. We bale our own hay so we know what our cows eat. If we care this much about our cows then you should care about what's going on your dinner table!

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  • You Save Money

    When you buy in bulk you get the absolute best price on the highest quality Grass Finished Beef shipped right to your door. Cut down on your Grocery Bill and start your own "Freezer Section!"

  • You Support Sustainability

    With your bulk beef deposit you allow us to sustainably plan our herd and grazing practices, ensuring that your cow leaves the soil better than they found it. You also reduce the "middle man" waste when you buy directly from us.

  • You Provide Healthy Beef For Your Family

    When you know your rancher, you can hold them accountable. We are proud to offer you the only 100% Money Back Guarantee in the Beef Business. Your Grass Fed Beef has been perfected on our pastures for years.