Our Ranch

My wife and I started with 100 acres, 7 cows and one registered Black Angus Bull. We have grown the operation to over 500 acres and well more than 100 head of cattle. We plant winter wheat to provide grazing during the winter months. We also maintain a large pasture of Klein grass which is a late summer grass that was introduced from Africa in the 1950’s. Of course the most beautiful part of pastures is the Coastal Bermuda that allows for grazing and baling. Our family does all the hay baling from these pastures to provide enough hay for the winter months. We do not purchase any hay. This way we know what we are feeding our cows, therefore we also know what we are putting on the dinner table.    

Here at Willis Ranch we raise F1 cross or Black Baldies. This is by design. This cross creates a larger body cows with less health issues. It is traditionally produced by crossing Hereford bulls on Aberdeen Angus cows. We currently breed registered Black Angus bulls on our baldies to keep the marbling that the Angus are known for. This elite combination produces what we call fancy faced calves, or F1 Baldy calves. This combination of breeding creates a calf that has a higher weight gain at weaning time, which allows us to finish this animal to a proper finishing weight which allows us to get better cuts of steaks. The Black Baldy is known for its submissiveness and friendly temperament.