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Willis Ranch Meats

20 Lbs Ground beef bundle

20 Lbs Ground beef bundle

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Small 1 lb packages of Grass fed-ground beef. This healthy grass feed and grass finished ground beef. This will be lean healthy beef from our cull cows that were never put on grain. The reason this beef taste so much better is because we harvest the entire cow into ground beef, including the brisket, tenderloins, sirloins, NY strips, roast, etc. This ground beef is not the left overs from hundreds of cows. Did you know if you buy beef from local grocery store it will contain parts from 300-600 different cows. That is NOT what we sell.

This is 20 lbs of ground beef shipped to your house.

Price includes free shipping to your door. 

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Delicious and Nutritious Beef

Pasture Raised Happy Cows

No GMO or Additional Growth Hormones

No Additional Antibiotics

Delivered to Your Door